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Welcome to Ghost River Brewing

Ghost River Brewing was born in 2008 with three principles in mind: To create a local brewery using water from the Memphis Sands Aquifer; Guarantee every handcrafted, full-flavored Ghost River Ale is the freshest beer available; and Support the Wolf River Conservancy by donating a portion of the proceeds of every barrel of beer sold.

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August 11 - Drink a Beer, Save a River at Aldo's Pizza

Stop by Aldo's Pizza from 5-8:00 PM, and enjoy a Ghost River beer.  When you do, $1 from every Ghost River will be donated to the Wolf River Conservancy.

Guide to Craft Beer in Tennessee

Lee Gilbert , Editor - Jul 15, 2014 - Microbreweries- Beerin' It

Ghost River Brewing Co: Memphis, Tennessee: Ghost River Brewing started in 2008 with the desire to brew some amazing craft beer. Their goal to create local beer while preserving the land in their Memphis area has really taken off. The people at Ghost River Brewing are amazing and if you ever get the chance to stop by I highly suggest it! A portion of the proceeds from every barrel of beer sold goes to support the Wolf River Conservancy to make sure they keep the habitat clean. This is what Craft Beer is about and the people at Ghost River are doing it right. Check out the great beer reviews:  http://www.beerinit.com/guide-to-craft-beer-in-tennessee/3030

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